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A message from a guide you already have a portrait of. This will just be a message with no portrait. 

A commissioned guide is one you know. It will take time to work with me to find the exact guide  you want a portrait of. Connect with me on the Facebook link to begin.


TRUST in my ability to find your guide is the first thing we must establish before we can connect and bring your guide through.  It will take time and effort on both our parts, you sending out love to connect us both and me tuning in to find your guide.

You must understand that to find the right eyes, face shape and mouth is one in a million considering how many types are out there. So to get a portrait 95% accurate is a good start and we can work with that.

If this seems a bit expensive for you then please understand that the amount of detail I put in to these portraits takes time. Some mediums charge $30 per minute. Your portrait might take me  a day or two to complete.....that is a lot of a minutes.


When you press the button

you will see a screen like this. You can change the quantity there.