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A Spiritual Guide is one in the spiritual realms who has passed.

A Universal Guide is one that comes from space and other dimensions.

An Animal Guide is the spirit of any animals that connects with you.

Message only - from a previous guide that came to you.

HSSP is from your higher self. See page on hssp's.

If you click on any picture you go to my Amazon wish list for the animals


A commissioned guide is one you know. It will take time to work with me to find the exact guide  you want a portrait of. Connect with me on the Facebook link to begin.


If you would like to donate to help me feed the birds and animals, I would be most grateful and thank you so much for your kindness. 

I live in the city and nobody in my area feeds the birds or the animals, so more and more are coming for help.

I have been told that there is a decline in the Sparrow population in the UK, so this is amazing, because since I started feeding them years ago now, there are hundreds of them, so you really are making a difference to the environment.

Thank you from my heart.

This is Foxy, she has two little ones to feed and is watching over the as they play.
Molly..a little one who just turned up outside my front door very cosy and safe.
One of the many birds that come to my garden.
Mr Robin and sometimes Mrs Robin come to together as they too have something brewing.
Jack...a character. He decided one day to just arrive at my door and howl until I let him in..he has never left.
Baby needs feeding.
I get the odd little visitor who needs a seed or two.
Alfie...another stray cat who wants to come and live here....we are helping them communicate and get used to each other first.