The most beautiful book ever written about the art of Spirit. It covers generations of spiritual art channeled through the artist. It's a must read and will keep you amazed throughout! Ann Bridge Davies is a spiritual artist and so she knows the wonder of this fantastic gift. Well researched and extremely well written. You will love it! 

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A place of healing, messages and so much more from this wonderful healer. Go to this website and you will come away with so much insight and healing that you will never want to leave.

Some Beautiful Art by these beautiful people!

Adam McLean's Site - Amazing!

Paranormality.com: Has a new app that is out now called, Tarot Quiz........it tests your knowledge on Tarot, while teaching you at the same time. Press here!

Tarot, Birth Cards, and You - Keys to Empowering Yourself: A beautifully written, and delightfully illustrated book about tarot, created by two of the most beautiful souls I know, Bonnie Cehovet and Karyn Easton. The images are from the 'Tarot Lovers Tarot' and are truly beautiful and inspiring to say the least. I will post a link to them as soon as they become available, as I cannot wait to own a deck myself.

Bonnie Cehovet's site: If you love Tarot, you will love this site, Bonnie is an inspired writer and her blogs are written from the soul. 

Karyn Easton's site: is just overflowing with information, if you want to know about anything to do with Tarot, the paranormal, and much more, just click on Karyn's name.





A wonderful place for finding mediums, tarot readers and anything spiritual.

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