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Please note: I digitally draw your guides in advance and they send for you. This way I have no prior knowledge and cannot be influenced. We have many guides and each one comes with their own set of skills.

You do not pick a guide from this page, the guides on this page are just to show you what I do, your guide will come when you order one.

I work in such a way that I draw the guides, write the message and the guide inspires the client to come and take them home. This way I can tune in not knowing anything about you and when your guide is ready to view..they will send for you...simples! The other great thing about this is that your guide is ready to take home as soon as you request it. If there is a large order you might have to wait a while.


I have divided the portraits into two categories:


Spiritual Portraits - Anyone who lived on earth.

Universal Portraits - Only extraterrestrials.

Animal Portraits - Your animal guide

After payment I will send you a jpg of your guide with the message by email.

Thank you




Wow! Thank you so very much! I am so greatful that  I found you! My guide is so beautiful and the message is spot on and really helpful. Thank you!

She had lavendar on her dress. I gathered lavendar the other day and it's hanging inside to dry now.

Thank you SO much for the exquisite piece of art that is my Spirit Guide, Leila.  Her message resonates with me so profoundly.  I gasped with awe and wonder when I first saw her.  You have an amazing gift that brings clarity and comfort and touches the heart.  I honor you for bringing this out into the world.   

t you.

What a beautiful drawing, you are very talented.
How spot on could it be ????  All of it !!!  Absolutely all of it, amazing, Im speechless at
the moment, but most grateful for sure. 

Thank you so much again, you are a marvel !  I will definitely pass on your details and
hope that many will contact you.  You deserve the best, you are the best !


Thanks again for my lovely portrait of Namka.  I would also like to say thank-you for the message you gave me along with it.  It was very beautiful and appreciated.  I particularly loved the gift of the lotus flower, I love them and have 2 lotus tattoos! :)



Curious what your guides look like? This is an amazing deal! Saleire created a portrait of one of my guides, and let me tell you, it was an amazing painting and message. Accurate and much needed. I HIGHLY recommend her! -Karen

Wow i always knew there was a nun in my life. Thankyou she is just what i need. I have these gifts but am at a standstill as to which direction to take them & lacking confidence. And yes i do get information - extremely important stuff from out if thin air. Im often challenged on it when passing it on to the person, but later always get given confirmation either directly or indirectly. 
Thankyou so much. Xxxxxx

Oh, I feel excited about your gift. My inner child is very happy.

It is amazing. I ordered my Universal guide today and his race and message to me made everything clear. I asked myself "how could he know"? I know they know but at the same time it really surprised me. I ordered your soul portrait in March and it was exactly the same thing then. Everything was right. Saleire, be grateful for the gift you have, to be a messenger between the worlds. I highly recommend her.👍👍

I'm again - for the 7th time - just AMAZED by the depth and accuracy of the messages sent with the portraits, those beauty-full portraits that hold the spirit of the guides! And when you look at them, you may see strange things happening : a little smile, the hair moving, the eyes shining... Highly recommend.


your gift is truly amazing thank you sooo much love lyn xx

Indeed she is perfect as I'm actually working with my kundalini, perfect timing! And "more" perfect as I'm connecting with the other side and star family!! My heart is so greatfull, much love

This psychic portrait is confirmed by Brad Johnson, who brings through Adronis in trance - 40m30s into the video

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