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Request Healing

Thank you for your request. Healing energy will be sent to you as soon as possible. Just relax, accept the healing energies and know that they come with love. Kindest regards, Saleire

Please use this form to request healing.

When I receive it, I will send healing that same day. To accept it you just have to relax and know that healing energy is on its way with love and light.

Distant healing knows no boundaries, it will get to you and know exactly what needs healing.

I work with many guides for healing, but the main ones are:

Doc - Dr Hans Schultz. Surgeon and all round nice guy. Sometimes he will let you know that he is there by touching your hand or letting you feel his presence.

Sparrowhawk - Native American Shaman who is a wonderful presence that will help you relax and prepare the area for healing, through smudging.

My Spanish Dancer - if you see a whirl of Ruby Red, then this guide is helping to keep you grounded whilst the others are healing you.

Blue Cross Nurse/Nun  - She comes dressed in white, with a blue cross on her habit. She helps to keep the energy light and free from any distress.

Jesus - Many have seen him heal with me, and of course, he heals with anyone whowill accept his beautiful, loving energy to surround them. He may also show himself in some way to the person being healed.

Madonna - This energy is in swirls of blue and white, surrounding you with the motherly vibration that heals old wounds. She may show herself to you, as she often has.

Mantis - A very large universal being that comes each time I send healing to those who feel more comfortable being healed by Universal beings. He sends out such love and power to the situation. A very gentle and loving energy.

If you would like to make a donation toward your healing, I will spend that money feeding the foxes in the city. They are in desperate need of food as they have nothing but garbage to eat. 

Healing Light and Angel Cards
Published by Schiffer Books








This Healing Light, 42-card deck will inspire you to heal your life and find a better way. 

You have 6 piles of 7 cards, shuffle them and ask the universe which chakra you need to concentrate on. The first card will show you which chakra to work on, the second one shows you the action needed to cleanse and renew it, and the third card will help you to meditate  and find the answer to what is causing the problem. The fifth card will send you an animal guide to work with, the sixth a crystal to cleanse and renew the energies and the last card will surround you with the energy of a beautiful angel to heal you and send you back into the world feeling alive!

They are fun to work with and you will learn so much about your body, your energy and your spirit when you trust in your instincts and the guidance within the cards.

They will help you share healing experiences with family and friends, and maybe even help you talk about things that you couldn't before. 

Let them be a part of your life, your families life and your friends life...and take the journey into a new healthier life in a most profound way.


Healing with Spirit
Published by John Hunt



We all have the potential to be a healer. A person who has reverence for all living things has an even greater potential. Humanitarians who wish to alleviate other people’s suffering know that time on earth is only fleeting and to make it a meaningful life, they must share love, joy, hope and peace with their fellow human beings. This book will guide you through the process of healing.

“Healing with Spirit is a delightful introduction into Spiritual Healing.  Saleire provides readers with an overview on this subject that is easily understood, very practical and quite useful for anyone interested in healing themselves and healing others.  Her authenticity and compassion manifest throughout the book and provide safe and solid footing for those interested in embarking on the journey toward Spiritual Healing.  ”    Lucia Thornton, RN, MSN, AHN-BC  Past-President of the American Holistic Nurses Association

Maria Moloney Wilbrink:

A good solid guidebook. At first I thought not chakras and crystals again, people must know them inside out by now, but actually it goes into all aspects of healing. Nicely written and accessible

Krystina Kellingley:

I really enjoyed this one. Set out in a clear, honest and reader friendly, accessible way it tells you all about spiritual healing and more. There is lots of information on how spiritual healing works and in the process lots of information on the chakras, how colour affects us, how crystals link in with healing and the chakras and how to become a spiritual healer. There is also just enough personal information to carry the message to the reader, overall this book has much to offer.

Barbara Ford-Hammond:

A nice clear gentle read. The author comes across as caring and knowledgeable.

I have just finished reading Saleire's book and I have to say how beautifully written it is! I honestly think it is a great guide for anyone contemplating becoming a healer, or receiving healing. I particularly liked the way in which she explains about Spiritualist Churches and how you do not need to be a member to have healing, and the section about 'Heal Without Healing', if more people in the world considered this then we would have a much nicer society to live in. This book will allay any fears for anyone who wants to try healing and has reservations. I think that the bit about crystals and chakras was also just right for the beginner. This book is beautifully written and you can tell that it comes straight from the heart. I would even go as far as to say that I think Spiritualist churches could benefit from having this book to hand for anyone wanting an introduction to healing. It is a lovely piece of writing.

Karyn Easton of

What Spirit have to say about 'Healing with Spirit' using Speakjet and an EVP maker.

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