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About the Artist

I am a qualified healer, medium, psychic artist and  
published writer. I see, hear, feel Spiritual beings and allow them to speak through me in the messages I receive.
I hope you can join me on this path of discovery through my work for Spirit. Everything you see here is a first; I am the first Psychic Artist to draw digitally, first to create an entire decks of tarot from fractals (Inner Realms Tarot, Stormrider and Rainbow Tarot and if you read my book, 'Embracing Spirit' you will hear amazing messages from the work I did through connecting to Spirit with a radio.
If I had only one thing to say in life it would be this - forget the label society has given you and be a human being first. Always try to do the right thing.
Wishing you love, light and peace on your journey.


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The Healing Rays.jpg

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